Mr. Perfectionist’s new plan for Dhoom 3!!!

We know that whatever Mr. Perfectionist of the bollywood industry, Aamir khan does, he makes sure it is done in style. He is known for holding his ethics high and following his own principles when it comes to promotions and social gatherings. So now that Aamir is planning a hatke promotional strategy for his upcoming movie, we must say his good friend Salman is really being a lot helpful in making Dhoom 3 a success.

Of what we see and hear, it is clear the Aamir is playing smart with his film promotions. Unlike other actors who flood into all possible shows on TV to make their film known to the audience, the new baddie of the industry is not at all doing so. So what is he up to? Well, the famous Dhoom 3 hat that Aamir wears in the movie is now seen being flaunted by Salman Khan. So how did that happen? Well, the Ghajini star said to the media that he asked his dear friend Salman to wear Dhoom 3’s bowler hat in one of the events he attends. But Salman, who is known for his big heart and generous nature, went out of his way to help his friend. He said that instead he will wear the hat on the reality show that he hosts, Bigg Boss 7, which is currently the highest rated show on TV. It’s a fact that anything that Salman wears grabs attention and he wearing the Dhoom hat surely makes a good promotion of the film. Well, that was a smart plan by Aamir we can say. That’s not all, also not releasing the full version of the songs until the film hits the multiplexes is one of the strategies to build up the curiosity around the movie.
Well, we hope that all these new plans work for the good and makes Dhoom 3 the best movie of the series.