Dancer Salman From Wrestler!!!

In 2016 Salman Khan had a great success by “Sultan”. In this movie Salman played a role as wrestler. This year he desires to act several action film. But which character match with his age.

Salman preparing him for next film. He will be seen as the father of 13 years  old girl. This film based on Hollywood’s dance content “Step-up” franchise. But did not say who will be director. Its confirm that In this movie Sallu will play as professional dancer. This will be duly trained, he said. But learning to dance at this 51 years age is very strenuous agree Salman. However, Salman’s faith, it you want to get something on the screen, it can be understood easily. So “Wanted” to “Sultan” he did not compromise. For example, He dragged the Hollywood Superstar Sylvester Stallone. The 71 year old star still “Rocky” and “Rambo” as he can adapt. So “Bajarangi Bhaijan” star dream continues to a beautiful ferry walk.